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Economic, farm, weather, agronomic data from Africa is wanted

We want to create original content, explore, and eventually find answers to the following fundamental questions:  

  • When to plant? 
  • What to plant?
  • Where to sell? 

However, the lack of data is apparent. It's the first problem to solve. To that end the challenge 2 team decided to launch a MASSIVE DATA COLLECTION ACTION. 

Please,  share the data files that are open and accessible,  and support our team by sending the files to the below mentioned key persons.

1. Economic layer:  Nigeria - Akaninyene Obot,

  • food output demand: regional food consumption monthly data  for demand forecast 
  • areas high return products
  • cooperative and agro-dealers presence: Data on cooperatives and agriculture dealers (this can be county level ) we can use GIS for analysis proximity & access needs
  • etc.

 2. Farms layer: Kenya -  Samuel Njogo,

  • size
  • ownership
  • etc.

3. Weather layer: Uganda -  Ssembajwe Ronald,

  • short term prediction for daily operations
  • long term prediction for planting opportunities
  • etc.

4. Agronomic layer: Burundi - Antoine Kantiza,

  • needs per plant in terms of soil, water, fertilizers, cost of production
  • etc.

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