Where Earth Observation can help to African Agriculture?

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Where Earth Observation can help to African Agriculture?

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During Nairobi INSPIRE Hack we received next answers:
Soil management can benefit a lot from earth observation. Modelling erosion would help avert loss in soil fertility.Near real-time crop monitoring data would be very helpful to farmers to enable them identify remedies to crop failures in good time and avoid losses.The same data could assist government plan in advance in terms of addressing the anticipated deficit in food stock hence avert cases of food shortage.
Earth Observation will also be very important in prediction analysis in the agricultural sector. This will permit African Agriculture to be economical and technically efficient. It can also permit African countries to specialise in into different sector, therefore, develop trade agreement..
In highlighting the suitable areas for different agricultural practices and the hotspots of food insecurity. As any other thematic area, agriculture has a geographic dimension that can only be captured and revealed by accurate and dynamic earth observation data.
Earth observation can be used to assess risks/threats to sensitive ecosystems like forests and wetlands. Forests and wetlands are known contributors to food security particularly when sustainably used.
EO in particular weather data and biomass can be used to generate index based services for Banking and insurance such as Weather and Yield index
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