Ideas about potential experiments?

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Ideas about potential experiments?

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During Nairobi INSPIRE Hack was collected next  ideas. Please add also your ideas
Sampling plots from different agro-climatic zones in Kenya and monitoring their growth using earth observation techniques together with ancillary data like weather data and biophysical data.Also establishing crop growth scenarios under different weather events could help in projecting future yields which is very critical in the planning operations and budgeting by state agencies and county governments.
Prediction of disease susceptibility of crop using the temporal crop dynamics from earth observation data. Using historical data of crop disease and connecting them with features extracted from earth observation data for generating alert of probable crop disease.
To make some experiments only based on observation data and compare the results.
A combination of agent-based models of human activities and how these contribute to food (in)security and a dynamic changes in the environment as captured by big earth observation data.
Accurate monitoring crop phenology to aid the application of farm inputs like fertilizers, irrigation and farm management.
Assessment of hydrological flows through a combination of field observations and output from satellite image analysis workflows.
Augmenting weather and climate monitoring through the use of affordable in-situ weather sensors and remote sensed weather estimates.
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