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Newly Available Map Compositions for Africa Resulting from Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021

SmartAfriHub offers a set of map compositions divided into various thematic groups. Feel free to explore them and extend them with your own layers!

Earth Observation

This map composition serves farms, individual farmers and the professional public to better understand the current state and development of vegetation in the field.


Open Land Use

Open Land Use is a composite map showing the land cover for the whole Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Pan-African Dataset

The Pan_African dataset includes selected data from RCMRD, FAO and Rural Attractiveness for Africa.


Upcoming webinar: Open Land Use dataset - description, creation and usage

Webinar dedicated to Open Land Use dataset - description, creation and usage is coming soon! The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday 7th April 2020 and below you can find the overview and more details.



  • Open Land Use model
  • Extensions to Open Land Use - some examples
  • Visualization tools for Open Land Use datasets
  • Introduction to two challenges related to Open Land Use, for the Dubrovnik INSPIRE hackathon and the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon

What: There will be shown some means of integrating various data into Open Land Use dataset. Users then could propose different data sources that they think is usefull to integrate into the dataset andsome real world application for which it could be useful.This webinar consist of three parts, a theoretical part: what is Open Land Use, what has changed in new version of it, how it is being created, how it is possible to access it, for what practical purposes the dataset can be used. And two pracitcal demos of working with the dataset in HSLayers map tool and in Jupyter Notebooks.

Why: Firstly, because now we have changed the data model of Open Land Use map to be able to easily extend for the new attributes (topics). And now it is good to test and improve this model as well as it is good to think about spatial extendability of the dataset. For the Dubrovnik INSPIRE hackathon it will be about extendability of attributes of the dataset and for the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon it is mostly about spatial extendability of the dataset to cover Africa. Also now, because it could be some new ideas from the participants of the hackathon.

Who (is the webinar for): People interested in monitoring Land Use and Land Cover and in general people interested in playing with data

If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to register for this webinar HERE!


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Our Tools

SmartAfriHub amazing tools. This tools are open for all users. Registered users are allowed to use this tools for own projects.


A library providing a foundation to build map GUI and extra components such as layer manager, permalink generating, styling of vector features, including OpenGIS® Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) layers to the map in a user friendly way.

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A tool for easy management, access control and publishing of vector based spatial data and their visualisations.

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Micka tool is a set of libraries and a web application for management and discovery of geospatial (meta)data.

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SensLog is an open sensor data management solution to receive, store, manage, analyse and publish sensor data.

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This is an extension of the geographic information system QGIS that enables to users create and edit layers and create map composition structures on local stations with a possibility to upload to the server.

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Do you have an intersting tool which can be integrated into Smart Afrihub Portal?

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SmartAgriHubs is a € 20 million EU project under Horizon 2020 and brings together a consortium of more than 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realize the digitization of European agriculture by supporting an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success.

The development and adoption of digital solutions is achieved through a tense ecosystem of 140 digital innovation centers built into 9 regional clusters run by organizations closely involved in regional digitization initiatives and funds.

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