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About the project

The purpose is to design, develop and introduce a Smart Agriculture Innovative Hub - SMARTAFRIHUB. The platform will be used to connect people to the information. Firstly with integrating principles of social media like Blog, Forum, design Science Shop, which will be able to connect users with developers and researchers. And secondly by integrating different types of demo applications, where farmers, developers and researchers will have chance to cooperate, test different API for new solutions and also provide common experiments.

Solution is based on use of Liferay Portal and as a backend it will use SQL and non-SQL database and will integrate tools like SensLog, HSlayers NG etc.

The SmartAgriHub is created in cooperation of 3 companies - Plan4All, Wirelssinfo, Club of Ossiach - with the intention of supporting and furthering smart agriculture in Africa.


Plan4all is a non-profit association sustaining and further enhancing results of multiple research and innovation projects in different specialisms. Such projects include spatial planning, transport, urban planning, environment, tourism and precision/autonomous farming.  Plan4all conducts research and experimental development and transfers results of such activities into practice.


WIRELESSINFO is the non-profitable Czech association - virtual research village which brings together SMEs, research and industry. WIRELESSINFO represents a research and development environment in which several research institutions, business companies and regional authorities work together in order to develop projects in the area of new technological concepts. The living lab is focused mainly on research and development of new technologies for geo-data providing and exchanging. Development of applications based on collaborative technologies, implementation and integration geo-spatial services and tools into new Open Service Oriented Systems represent the main activities of this living lab not only within EU funded projects, but also in day to day working environments.


The Club of Ossiach is a group of agriculturists, agribusiness managers, agriculture and forestry technologists, environmentalists and agricultural ICT specialists from around the world. They reviewed current trends and possible discontinuities resulting from political, social, environmental and technological changes, potentially impacting on the future of agriculture, farming, rural viability, food and nutrition worldwide.