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Week for Big and Open Data and Innovation Hubs 2020

will be held on 27 - 30 January 2020 at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

WORKSHOP 3: with PoliRural stakeholders - 28. January 2020 (1PM - 5PM)

Program of the workshop: What is PoliRural, How to compare the attractiveness of European regions, The role of text mining in POLIRURAL and practical demonstrations, What is PoliRural Innovation Hub, How to facilitate the registration of fiber optic cables at the local level)

MAIN WORKSHOP: "Big and Open Data and Innovative Hubs in Agriculture, Transport and Rural Development" - 30 January 2020 (9AM - 17PM)

The main part of the conference will be devoted to the presentation of practical outputs from already running EU projects: EUXDAT, AFarCloud, PoliRural, SmartAgriHubs, ENABLING, LIVERUR, ROSIE, EO4AGRI, AgriClima.

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